För att få det snabbaste svaret, kolla våra vanliga frågor. Om du inte hittar svaret därifrån, är du välkommen att kontakta oss via vår chatt.

Före köpet

Vad ingår i anmälningsavgiften?

In addition to taking part in the most fun running event of your life, you'll also receive an official Color Obstacle Rush t-shirt, a color bag to use during the finish line festival.

Vilken typ av hinder kommer jag att springa, studsa och krypa igenom?

In 2022 we have 20 new obstacles, foam, a slide and 20 music stations around the entire course! There will be a variety of inflatable obstacles and lots of other fun surprises. Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to the number and scale of obstacles: depending on terrain, location and weather, we may not be able to use all obstacles at all Color Obstacle Rush events.

Vem kan delta i evenemanget?

The recommended age limit to participate in Color Obstacle Rush is 12 years. Children may participate accompanied by an adult who is not their guardian upon presentation of a permit signed by the child's guardian. Please note that the adult/guardian must also have registered as a participant in the event in the same starting group. If you are between 15 and 17 years old, you may participate without a guardian, but you must still present a permission slip signed by your guardian.

You can view and print permits here. 

Some obstacles have a weight limit of 100 kg, but you can always jump over these obstacles.

Hur lång är banan?

The course is approximately 5 km long. Please note that the final length of the course may vary depending on the area and terrain.


You can participate in Color Obstacle Rush as an individual or as a group. We offer a group discount of -10%, when at least 4 tickets are ordered together.

Registering as a group doesn't mean you all have to stick together. You are free to choose the pace at which you walk the course. You can also choose different start times within the group.

Kan jag delta om jag är gravid eller har problem med hälsan?

If you are pregnant or have any other health-related concerns, talk to your doctor before participating in the  Color Obstacle Rush . Although we try to make the event as safe and secure as possible for all participants, accidents (such as falls and crashes) can always happen.

Vad behöver jag ta med mig?

Bring a valid ID card, your ticket and the accepted terms and conditions (depending on the city/country this may be an online confirmation or a signed paper). They are needed at check-in.
If you have booked trade goods, you should also present your booking confirmation to receive your goods.
Most people have their phones with them during the event, but it's up to you.

Hur bör man klä sig inför evenemanget?

Comfortable clothes and jogging shoes go a long way, sunglasses protect your eyes from both the color and the sun. All participants also receive a free Color Obstacle Rush t-shirt, which most wear during the event. Light colors work best, because then the colors are seen most strongly. It may not be a good idea to put on the 10,000 kroner suit: sweat, paint powder and party mood can leave lasting marks. Also, don't wear anything with sharp corners, as these can injure both the competitors and the inflatable obstacles. Also make sure that there is nothing hanging loose that could get caught in the obstacles. It can be a good idea to protect your hair either with a cap or a bandana, especially if you have light hair. The color we use should come off with a couple of shampoos, but if you've recently bleached your hair, the color may stay longer.

Vilken tid börjat det?

Your start time depends on which group you have signed up for. Details of the starting groups can be found on the event page.

Finns det någonstans där jag kan låsa in mina grejer under evenemanget?

You can leave extra clothes in our guarded wardrobe. The cloakroom fee is SEK 20 per participant and extra visits cost SEK 10 per time. Please bring even cash with you!

All participants may leave their bags in the cloakroom. Due to limited wardrobe space, we cannot store bags larger than a standard backpack, nor bags that cannot be hung up or that weigh more than 5kg. Allowed items are a jacket or a normal-sized backpack (we cannot store large bags, such as tube bags).

We also recommend that you leave your valuables at home. The Color Obstacle Rush is not responsible for items lost or damaged in the wardrobe.

Hur tvättar jag bort färgen efter evenemanget?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer cleaning facilities in the event area. If the weather is good, you can quite easily shake off most of the paint powder, but in damp weather we recommend that you bring a change of clothes, towels or garbage bags, so you don't get paint off in the car or bus on the way home.

The paint powder is dusty, so if you suffer from asthma or a severe dust allergy, we recommend that you wear safety glasses and a scarf or a respirator in front of your nose and mouth at the color checks and during the finish festival.

If you are fair-haired, you can leave some conditioner in your hair before the event, it will help when you have to wash it. A bandana or cap doesn't go wrong either.

After running, it is good to shake off most of the color powder and then rinse with cold water. It may take a couple of washes before all the dye is washed out of your hair, but in the end you should be as clean as when you were new. Please wash the clothes separately first in cold water.

Evenemangsrelaterade frågor

Kan jag sälja mina biljetter?

Det kan du göra! Biljetterna är inte personaliserade.

Vad händer om det regnar?

Yes, then we have fun in the rain! As long as no major storms are visible on the radar, we will carry out the event. Keep an eye on the event's Facebook page for the latest practical updates. Rain can cause the course to take slightly longer to complete, so you may have to queue for some of the obstacles. If it rains, take into account that the friction factor at the slides changes, and they become more slippery than usual. In the case of stronger gusts of wind, we may have to take down some inflatable obstacles to ensure the safety of the participants.

Var hämtar jag mina produkter?

You can collect your products on the day of the event. Please make sure to be there an hour before the start.

Hur är det med parkering?

The parking situation varies from event to event. We will inform you with more details about the parking lot and the event location itself approx. 2 weeks before the event. In some events, a parking fee may apply.

Kan jag ta med min action kamera och selfiepinne?

You can take your camera (for example GoPro) with you, but please note that selfie sticks are prohibited in Color Obstacle Rush!
If you want to wear your camera, for example, in a harness across your chest, make sure that the harness is secure: that it opens if you get caught in an obstacle.

Kan jag ta med mobilen?

You can have your mobile in e.g. an arm holster or a trendy waist bag during the run. But keep in mind that there is both foam and splashes of water (Yey!) along the course, so it is absolutely possible that your mobile phone will get wet. In that case, jump over "wet" obstacles. You can also put the mobile in a transparent, self-sealing plastic bag. However, some obstacles can be a bit tricky to handle with your mobile phone in your hand.

Jag kan inte delta i evenemanget, kan jag få mina pengar tillbaka?

The registration fee for Color Obstacle Rush is non-refundable, but you can transfer your ticket to another person or transfer your registration to another Color Obstacle Rush event (taking place in the same or next year).

Jag vill göra ändringar med min biljett

things happen in life and changes have to be made!
You can change your start time by purchasing the " Selectable Start Time" superpower for your ticket. After you have made the purchase, you show your original ticket and an order confirmation to our check-in staff.

Buy Selectable start time

If you want to switch to another event:
Please contact our customer service and we will give you
more information. Switching between events costs SEK 109/ticket.
The transfer is free on presentation of a medical certificate.

Vad är färgpulvret gjort av?

Nermal rainbows and neon pants from the 80s. Nah, we're just kidding! The powder actually consists of corn starch, which has been colored with food coloring, and all ingredients are approved by the Swedish Food Safety Authority.

All our colors are sourced from

Får man dricka alkohol på evenemanget?

Color Obstacle Rush is an alcohol-free event - we promise you'll have great fun even without the alcohol!

Kan min familj och mina vänner komma och titta på loppet?

Spectators can enter the Color Obstacle Rush for free. As the area itself is not well suited for spectators, we unfortunately cannot recommend that you bring a large entourage with you. The size and location of areas accessible to the public will vary from event to event. Please note that spectators do not have access to the start and festival area and that for security reasons access to all parts of the course is not allowed.
We will send an email with more information about this about two weeks before the event.

Kommer det att finnas fotografer?

Vi älskar foton! Det kommer att finnas en eller flera professionella fotografer på banan för att fånga Rushen. Bilderna kommer att publiceras på Color Obstacle Rush Facebook-sida och här efter varje evenemang: Vi kommer också att använda bilderna i våra annonser i framtiden.
Tyvärr kan de inte fotografera alla, så om du vill ta dina egna bilder kan du lägga din mobiltelefon eller kamera i en genomskinlig påse med dragkedja och ta många egna bilder under rundan. Det kan vara svårt att navigera genom vissa av de uppblåsbara hindren med en mobiltelefon eller kamera i handen, så om du tar med din egen apparat ska du se till att ha en säker plats att förvara den på. Observera att det kommer att förekomma färgpulver, skum och vattenstänk under banan.

Color Obstacle Rush Fotogalleri

På kan du se ett stort fotogalleri från våra evenemang runt om i Europa.


Att vara hållbar har alltid varit viktigt för Color Obstacle Rush, ända sedan första dagen 2014.
Läs mer.


Although it can be a little challenging to get through the 5km course for someone in a wheelchair, as the terrain at the event sites can be uneven - mostly sand and grass, anyone with a ticket to the event is welcome! Although not all obstacles are accessible, you can come and enjoy the event and the festive atmosphere. If you need help during the event, you are welcome to bring a helper with you at no extra cost 😊 Please contact our customer service in advance if you need a ticket for your helper. The festival area always has a wheelchair-accessible toilet.


Our customer service can issue a participant-specific invoice only if the ticket has been ordered separately with a separate order number. We cannot issue participant-specific invoices for group orders.

Kan jag jobba som funktionär vid evenemanget?

Yes, it is possible to work as a volunteer.

Volunteer work takes place on a Friday, the day before the event day, and you receive a ticket to the same event.

Volunteer duties may vary. The day before the event, we need help with preparatory tasks, such as opening packages, ordering goods, putting up fences and helping with the general cleaning of the area, packing swag bags, etc.

Please note that we have a limited number of places for volunteers. The application form to stand up as a volunteer in 2022 is now open, you can register as a volunteer  HERE.

Jag har en fråga som inte finns med i denna faq, vad ska jag göra?

You will find most of the answers to the questions from the chatbot on the website. If you still can't find your answer, send the message to the chatbot by typing "send message" in the chat.